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Individual Volunteer Opportunities



Eva Marie Short term missions.jpg

Are you looking for a chance to get away for a short while, do something completely different, and touch others lives? Come and serve for a week or a few months! Use your natural or trained talents to help in the work of changing lives. Typically, short-term volunteers serve 60 days or less.

Pictured above: Eva-Marie, Short-term, month volunteer 




Are you ready to reach the lives of Tanzanian children on a daily basis? Come and serve for six months to a year! Your natural or trained talents will come to life as you serve alongside our staff in a committed long-term volunteer position. Typically, long-term volunteers serve for 60 days or more.

Pictured above: Tasha, Long-term, year long volunteer


Domestic NLIF


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We need volunteers to run our organization successfully. Whether you are local or visiting from afar, come and serve as we would much appreciate your help & area of expertise. Domestic volunteers serve state side.

Pictured above: Volunteer Medical Care 


Interested in Volunteering?

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