Individual Volunteer Opportunities



Are you looking for a chance to get away for a short while, do something completely different, and touch others lives? Come and serve for a week or a few months! Use your natural or trained talents to help in the work of changing lives. Typically, short-term volunteers serve 60 days or less.

Pictured above: Eva-Marie, Short-term, month volunteer 



Are you ready to reach the lives of Tanzanian children on a daily basis? Come and serve for six months to a year! Your natural or trained talents will come to life as you serve alongside our staff in a committed long-term volunteer position. Typically, long-term volunteers serve for 60 days or more.

Pictured above: Tasha, Long-term, year long volunteer


Domestic NLIF


We need volunteers to run our organization successfully. Whether you are local or visiting from afar, come and serve as we would much appreciate your help & area of expertise. Domestic volunteers serve state side.

Pictured above: Volunteer Medical Care 


Interested in Volunteering?