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Educational Partnership


Experience Hands-On Learning for Educators

We are facilitating a connection between educators & New Life as a school. We seek to develop cross-cultural competency through transformative field study experiences in a partnership between your educational institution and New Life Foundation. This authentic teaching internship will expand you as an educator and power your impact in the classroom. This is a developing program that is in its beta stage. It is
designed for student teachers, new teachers, as well as experienced teachers to can provide teaching and mentoring of NLF teachers. Contact us for more information.

Getting Started is Simple.

Partnering with your school or university in our Four Phase Program allows us each to build
stronger educators, creating lasting effects in the classroom. 

Phase 1:


Learn program expectations and requirements. Apply and interview for internship. 

pHASE 2:


Become equipped spiritually and physically to be successful in the program.

phase 3:


Travel to Tanzania and meet teaching staff. Observe, collaborate, co-teach, & teach in the New Life Foundation classrooms.

phase 4:


Reflect on your learning experiences & share feedback on the program to the New Life Foundation school and new interns.

Interested in the Educational Partnership?

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