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About Us


New Life International Foundation for Children (NLIF) is a separate Washington non-profit corporation, which provides financial support, sponsorship support, and mission teams to the New Life Foundation school in Tanzania (NLF).  NLIF does not operate the school. NLF is a separate Tanzanian organization with its own board of directors.  NLIF serves NLF under an agency agreement.


NLIF is operated by a volunteer board without paid staff. NLIF is one of four similar organizations which provide financial support to NLF. The other organizations are located in New Zealand, South Korea, and Norway.


NLF is located in Moshi, TZ. NLF uses academic curriculum approved by the Tanzanian government and is taught from a Christian worldview designed to address and provide spiritual care for the students and their families. NLF has 4 schools on different sites surrounding the Moshi area: Nursery, Primary, Elementary, and High School.


Students are hard working and studious, resulting in excellent pass rates on their government exams and consistently rank at the top of academic performance for the country. They also serve their local community with a practical outworking of their vibrant faith and joy in Christ through ministry to people in their area, community outreach, and Agricultural programs.

"God gives vision and provision for the vision."
-Pastor Glorious Shoo

Who We Are

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