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Reopening of Fountain Of Zoe

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

We have exciting news! This year, New Life Foundation in Tanzania will be reopening an orphanage for abandoned infants and orphans. The orphanage, named Fountain of Zoe, was first started in 2006 as a place of hope and restoration for Tanzania’s most vulnerable babies.

Over the years, the orphanage has rescued, cared for, and nurtured babies from all kinds of backgrounds. Some of the earliest children are now young men and women, full of hope, dreams, and ambitions.

New Secondary School Students

We are happy to invite our newest secondary school students who have joined New Life Foundation this year. In Tanzania, the calendar year coincides with the academic year for primary and secondary schools. So at the start of every year, we have new students joining us

at the primary and secondary levels. As an organization committed to raising transformational

leaders of the future, all our secondary and primary students joining us for the first time attend a special training program to introduce them to the culture and mission of New Life Foundation.

We are especially excited about our newest students and their transformative adventure at New Life Foundation in the coming years. Join us in wishing them all the very best!

Here is a short video of our spring camp.


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