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A Trip to Remember

Pastor Jeremy from Twin Ports Outreach, Superior, Wisconsin, USA, leads a team of 15 to NLF

A group photo of the team with students and staff at Fountain of Hope Primary School

New Life Foundation was founded in 2001 by pastors Glorious and Josephine Shoo in response to a call the Lord laid in their hearts to help children and other marginalized groups in the community. Over the years, New Life Foundation has touched thousands of lives through its ministries and operations. Based on its mission, the organization is divided into four departments according to the group they serve:

• Fountain of Hope – a Christian primary and secondary school for the needy, disadvantaged, and orphaned children.

• Fountain of Joy – a vocational training and rescue center for young women who were once victims or at risk of human trafficking, prostitution, or child marriages.

• Fountain of Zoe – an orphanage center for abandoned and orphaned infants from the time of birth to five years (0 – 5 years).

• Fountain of Love – outreach and training department encompassing local and international conferences, open festivals, evangelism, seminars, workshops, etc.

The organization’s mission is funded by generous donors all over the world, with a huge supporter base in the USA, New Zealand, Norway, and South Korea. Every year, donors and sponsors visit the organization to see the impact of their support and the wonderful works that the Lord is doing in the lives of many people. This is one of those stories as shared by Pastor Jeremy Landgreen, who led a team of visitors from Twin Ports Outreach, Superior, Wisconsin, USA.

Pastor Jeremy’s account of NLF’s visit in July 2023

We arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport on Thursday evening, the 13th of July. We were a large group of 15 and were greeted so warmly and graciously that we were already being impacted! After being hosted to a beautiful welcome dinner, we arrived at our guest home and settled in.

Off to a Memorable Adventure: The group was warmly received by staff and students after their touchdown at the airport.

On Friday, we went to the Fountain of Hope Secondary School and received such a welcome!!!!!

The primary and secondary school children were in attendance and had a planned out personalized welcome for us where they performed dances, a presentation of their future dreams, and we performed skits for them. We also were able to tour the campus and spent such beautiful quality time meeting the children; they then prayed for us then we prayed for them. On Saturday morning Pastor Shoo was finally, after many years, granted permission due to our presence to be able to visit the prison. When part of our team arrived at the prison, there was a communication error, and we were not able to enter the prison to minister, but pastor Shoo was and was able to lead 40 Ethiopian refugees to Christ, among others. While we waited in the waiting area, we were able to minister to families and friends waiting there and God moved! Sunday was filled with a service at a public school where our team ministered at. While Pastor Nick and Pastor Jeremy spoke at KICC. We ended the evening with a panel for KICCs evening service.

Show Don’t Tell: The group performing a skit at NLF’s headquarters in Moshi and Fountain of Hope Primary School campus.

Monday was a team-building day on Safari, Tuesday we led devotions and worship at New Life Foundation’s Fountain of Hope Secondary School, and later that evening, we went to the foothills on home visits, where we met some children's families. We were able to pray for them, and two women accepted Christ!

We began Wednesday morning packing bags for Hospital visits; we were able to visit three different wards and pray for many! Following the afternoon meal, we went to New Life Foundation’s Fountain of Hope Primary School, where we led a devotion for primary school students and enjoyed free time for play and worship!

Let’s Dance: An interactive moment between the team and students at New Life Foundation.

On Thursday morning, our team split between secondary and primary schools and led worship and devotions. After a morning meal, we returned to the primary school. The youth and others shared a message while the ladies attended an orientation at the courage center. Following an afternoon meal, we arrived at a public school and were able to perform skits and present the gospel to hundreds of children, many of who received Christ. Following this, we were able to split our group again and minister at an addiction center, and school for the deaf where people encountered Christ again.

On Friday late afternoon, we attended an NLF staff training, returned to the primary school, and spent free time with the children.

Saturday morning, the women and children of our group were able to minister to trafficked girls at the courage center. We delivered a message, made a craft, and played games. We then attended a beautiful lunch with Pastor Shoo and the staff, where we were appointed ambassadors to New Life Foundation. That evening we joined in a soccer game between New Life and a local sports club. We then performed our skits and gave a message, and people received Christ!

Eyes On the Ball: A friendly soccer game is one of the best ways of bonding with the local community, especially the youth

On Sunday, we attended the two AM services at KICC church, and that evening attended a Holy Spirit-filled worship night at KICC church. On Monday, we went to each school to say our goodbyes. Some children told us their testimonies, and we were then able to tour the future secondary school and Fountain of Zoe.

We are so grateful to Pastor Jeremy for leading our team. This was his fourth time in Moshi. We are so grateful to the staff at New Life for Hosting and guiding us and for all their hard work. We are most grateful to Pastor Shoo and his wife Josephine for their vision and for taking care of God's children and the staff for instilling such Godly character in these children. They are also well-loved.

Ryan Jordan

“To say this trip was life-changing would be an understatement. To see God, touch my life and my kids' lives, and have to honor to be used by God in such a powerful way by encouraging our Tanzanian friends. I say friends, but those we came to meet and hang out with really became extended family. Kakas is Swahili for brothers. That’s exactly what they have all become. God is on the move and has a plan. I am excited to be a part of it.”

Bonnie Jordan

“If you are looking for a good cause to support, consider New Life Foundation. They forever have me ❤️ They work around the clock taking care of underprivileged children and communities. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the chance to serve with you and be a part of the good you do.”

Laura Little

What an amazing trip! Lord willing, I can't wait to go back! My team members say the same thing! We were met with such a warm, loving welcome by new life staff and students that quickly developed into a family connection. I only pray that we conveyed the same love and appreciation towards new life staff and students that I know I felt in my heart, and my team members did as well! We were given wonderful opportunities as a team in Tanzania to use our gifts and complement each other as a team doing various area outreaches. These were rich opportunities to share the gospel and pray with the sick and hurting while sharing the love and joy in Jesus that we also felt from new life. My prayer is that God so richly blesses New Life above and beyond all you can ask, think or imagine, and I think of God every time I remember you. And all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy… (Philippians 1:3-11) I look forward to partnering with you in the Lord as he leads, and I know my team members do as well! Anakupenda Sana Sana from each of our hearts to yours!!

Twin Ports Outreach

1326 Pine Ave

Superior, Wi 54880

New Life Foundation USA,

We Love Visitors!

A trip to New Life Foundation is eye-opening in many ways. NLIF offers short-term mission opportunities for sponsors, individuals, families, schools, churches, and organizations interested in serving & learning more about the New Life Foundation school and community. The trips are typically about 2 weeks and are led by at least one member of the NLIF Board of Directors. Trips are designed to meet the needs and schedules of the team members and can occur throughout the year. Planning trips are made simple as we have a streamlined process to prepare you every step of the way.

Other ways to get involved

Student Sponsorship

All students at New Life Foundation are supported by a pool of generous sponsors through monthly and annual financial commitments. Thus individuals, churches, and organizations are highly to become sponsors as part of their particular mission outreach. Sponsorship provides the financial needs for the holistic care of the students.

Educational partnerships

Expand our ability & efforts by scheduled giving, one-time gifts, or donating towards critical needs. The school also has an ongoing need for giving to help underwrite everyday needs as well as the construction of facilities and the purchase of major improvements.


Want to use your skills to expand our impact? Sure! There are many volunteering opportunities at New Life Foundation. Whether you are looking to serve short-term or long-term, in Tanzania or state-side, we would love to connect with you.

Volunteer today, learn more at Volunteer | Newlife (


We couldn't accomplish the work we are doing without the prayers and support of our sponsors. Check out our prayer page to get the latest prayer needs for New Life Foundation International.

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