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Spring Semester Update

Community Service

At New Life Foundation, students do more than excel in their studies. They learn to practically serve others with passion, care, and Christ-like love. In early March, students at Fountain of Hope had the privilege to personify the organization’s vision of transformation by participating in several community service programs ranging from spending time with fellow children in orphanages and juvenile prisons to assisting elderly centers. We are incredibly inspired by the new generation of transformational leaders currently in the making at New Life Foundation Tanzania.

New Life Students (Black T-shirts/Navy Blue Pants) Playing on their community outreach to an Orphanage.

Night to Shine

In another inspiring act of love and service, On Friday, February 10, 2023, New Life Foundation Tanzania partnered with Tim Bow Foundation to host a vibrant, similar-to-prom-night event in celebration for people with special needs. Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience centered on God’s love for people with special needs, ages 14 and older.

Fountain of Hope Students and Teachers cheering on student with special needs.

This event is the first of a kind for many special needs groups in the region. Many special needs groups in the region, young and older, are at higher risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. We are proud to take the lead in hosting this event!

Josephine Shoo with more guests on the night to shine

Click the link below for a highlight on the Night to Shine

Library and Medical Clinic Update

Thanks to a variety of useful educational resources at New Life Foundation Tanzania, hundreds of children are developing, sharpening, and refining their skills in music, art, sports, and other disciplines. Over in the library, there is a significant growth in visits with students in search of books and educational materials to feed their curiosity and supplement their knowledge. We are so grateful for your support. Because of your support, hundreds of students in Tanzania are acquiring a holistic education to become the transformational leaders that their country needs!

Medical Clinic Update

We are still raising funds to establish, equip, and staff a medical clinic to serve schoolchildren in need on our school campus. The clinic will be set up at New Life Foundation, a Christian organization providing care and education to some of the most underprivileged children in the country, including orphans and special groups. A full-time nurse and an onsite medical clinic at the school will go a long way to improving children’s health and academic excellence and secure a successful educational path for future leaders.

To learn more about this project and how you can support it, click the link below,

Student of the Month

Every school year, the teachers stress the importance of always living a life of example among other students. In this new section of our newsletter, we highlight a role model to others in being able to choose kindness in all life situations. For the month of April, Mathayo Lukane is a student of the month. A short clip below, narrated by one of the teachers, shows what the school day is like for Mathayo.


Thank you for your continued prayers for New Life Foundation your support directly contributes to expanding the organization's spiritual impact on children and making more disciples of Christ in its surrounding communities!

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