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NLF Construction Projects Update 2022

New Life Foundation has been working on several key construction, improvement, and repair projects this year. With the faithful support of the donors and student support sponsors NLF has undertaken the following construction projects to improve their facilities and enhance the care and education of the students.

Upgrade the Dormitories

Updating and improving the student dormitories is always a necessary project. Ensuring they provide adequate restroom and shower facilities and comfortable sleeping quarters is an integral part of providing an excellent education opportunity. Over the past months, NLF has expanded one of the current dormitories to ensure safety and minimize risks in case of infectious diseases.

Renovated bathrooms in girl's dormitory

Expansion of Secondary Schools.

New Life Foundation is in the process of building facilities for the Secondary School on the current vacant 28 parcels of land. This project is part of the plan to move the Nursery school to the existing Secondary School facility, allowing it to house the Nursery school in more space and on land and facilities owned by New Life Foundation, reducing its overhead of renting facilities.

New secondary school structures are near completion.

Wall Construction

As indicated in our previous newsletters, we have an ongoing construction of our permanent secondary school. For the sake of minimum interaction with the people from outside our boarding facility and school is completing the wall that was previously started.

New Library

The school’s library has been completed and fully stocked with books. The school was able to convert two metal storage containers used to ship food in the past years (the purchase of the containers when shipping the food is a gift that has given benefits twice). In this converted space, they now have a separate building fully stocked with books, tables, chairs, and shelves due to the generosity of

Food Storage

One of the critical steps to providing a sustainable food source for the students at affordable costs is the ability to purchase food such as grains, beans, and other dried foods when they are plentiful and less expensive or as they are harvested from NLF’s fields and store them for use over the year. NLF has been able to complete a storage area with six storage tanks. All that needs to be completed is a roof over the place.


Feel free to check out our student’s profiles over at From the webpage, you can read a brief bio of a student in need of sponsorship. You can also find additional information on the breakdown of sponsorship fees, shared sponsorship options, and much more. For even more information, feel free to send us an email at We’d love to answer your questions!

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