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Being a Fountain of Hope- 3/4/21 Newsletter

Greetings from Glorious Dear Donors and Sponsors: We want to thank you for your prayers and generous support throughout the challenging past year. We are all amazed by the work God is doing through you in investing in the lives of children and the people in Moshi. We wish we could visit each sponsor and supporter to shake your hands and tell you how we appreciate you all from the bottom of our hearts. Through your generous giving and sponsorship program, children thrive and experience a feeling of parental love. We are the camp where world transformers are transformed, and it is with your partnership we are able to give opportunity for world transformers to grow, glow, and glorify God.

Pastor Glorious sharing the word in morning assembly before classes Web Page and Facebook We want to invite you to visit our updated webpage and our new Facebook page. The Webpage,, has new videos, testimonies, and other helpful information. Our new Facebook page, under New Life International Foundation for Children, is also now up and accessible. Please visit these new information options and use them to share with your friends and family as a way to introduce them to New Life Foundation and its important ministry. Our new page will have two to three posts every week. We believe this is the best way to stay updated with what is happening in Moshi on a regular basis. Planting Crops for Sustainable Income New Life Foundation, through a gift from the Norway supporting organization, has been able to drill a well on property NLF owns, allowing it to grow crops that can be sold to provide income. We are now able to do farming without having to wait for the rain.

Over the last months, both students and staff have been involved in planting, tending, and harvesting of chill peppers. After the harvest, the chill is dried ready for the market. Chill plants will be harvested for three seasons before replaced by a different crop. Planting different types of crops is a technique the school is adapting to improve soil quality and eradicate disease in plants. The end of February is also the time of the year when students prepare the twenty acres to plant maize and beans. Crops planted during this season provide food for summer and fall.

Secondary school students picking pepper fruit ready for market We are also continuing to work with Convoy of Hope ( in an agricultural assessment with the intent of more effectively using NLF’s property to grow more crops and improve its self-sustaining resources.

Drying of pepper fruit on the sun before being sold to the market Wall Construction Project In 2019, several of our team members (Mark Brandt, Jeremy Landgreen, Wes Whitley, and Geoff Whitley) worked with staff and students to help lay the foundation of a wall around the Primary School. After a long time and hard work, the wall is finally here. The wall will provide security for students and properties on the Primary School campus. The wall has been a long-time need, especially since the west side of campus borders public road used by locals. The wall will also prevent flooding on campus by preventing water from a nearby trench entering in school.

Completed wall on the north side of Primary School

Local construction workers onsite around Primary School

2020 Financial Overview Report We experienced God’s blessing in 2020, even during the challenges of the pandemic and related struggles. God has allowed us to forward the generosity of the donors and supporters to New Life Foundation to help them meet the financial needs of caring for and educating their students, providing for their teachers and staff, as well as their community. The following is a chart detailing where the funds received were applied in 2020. With a small 2019 carry-over of designated funds, we had $112,049 to share in 2020. 105,591 (94%) was sent to NLF with $6,460 (6%) used for NLIF operational expenses. NLIF pays no salaries.

Orange is the breakout of the Funds transferred to NLF (Blue) New Board Members We have been blessed with the addition of two new Board members, effective January 1, 2021. Welcome our new Board members:

Megan Whitley – Megan and her family are from the Northeast. They have been long time sponsors of students, donors to special projects, and participants in several mission trips to New Life Foundation.

Victor Mavika - Victor is a former student of New Life Foundation, having graduated in 2013. After attending post-secondary school classes in Tanzania, he was admitted to Oral Roberts University, receiving his degree in mechanical engineering in 2019. He has worked as a Design Engineer for innovative Dimmers until February 2020, when he began his current position with New Life International, a non-profit focused on providing technology for clean water access.

Pray with us! We are currently working on a prayer calendar for intercessors to use as guide as they lift New Life Foundation to God. Once available, each prayer item will be available on our website and social media platforms. Please feel free to screenshot, print off and share with friends. There is power in unified prayer! Here are few items we all can be praying as we wait for more items on the prayer calendar.

  • Pray for provision of more funds to finish the remaining portion of the fence around primary school.

  • Pray for more sponsors to support children that cannot pay for their own education expenses.

  • Pray for safety from COVID for both teachers and students as the number of cases has gone up over the past months.

  • Pray for salvations and healing as secondary school students ministers to neighboring schools and juvenile ministry.

Thank you Once again, as representatives of the team in Tanzania, we thank you for your generous giving, prayers, and support. To us, these numbers on our spreadsheet represent far more than just numerical values. They reflect the impact you and other faithful supporters have helped us achieve in the lives of every child. And for that, we thank you! May God continue to direct your hearts to His love and to the steadfastness of Christ in 2021.


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Hi Victor: I am so very happy for you to be on the member board for NLF. My name is Carolyn Bitner & I met you in 2014 when myself & 10 others made a missions trip to Moshi in June. I was wondering if you remember me because Corrine Anton showed you the picture I took of you when you were maybe only 9 yrs. old or so? I have other students that I wanted to see if you knew them & what they are doing in 2021. Please respond & I'll give you their names. Thank you for sending newsletters to all of the supporters,etc.

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